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Weekends - So Short, So Sweet

 So yesterday was Sunday, my day off and a time to relax. I woke early after a restless night - not good, but I got up and printed out the story focus for the day's B2ME story. At least this one would, I felt, be a short story and easy to write later in the night.

So then I powered up LOTRO and started playing my newer hunter. We're getting a new software update today, so I suspect I'll be working with my older characters for a while this coming week instead of my new one.

LOTR Small

After playing until mid-afternoon, we put our coats and shoes on and went out. We wanted to pick up our newspaper and then DH wanted to drop by Barnes & Noble since he hadn't been there for quite a while. We picked up the latest issue of "Rennaisance" magazine. Noticed that the cover shot was of our own "Twig" a legendary character at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. What a pleasure to see her make the big time :-) I also picked up a copy of the Tolkien Bestiary on sale - happy me. We then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. I've never been there before, and it was really good. And they had Guinness, so at least I also had good beer :-)


Then I settled down at the computer, watched "Amazing Race" while writing the day's story which did indeed turn out to be short and sweet, and finally went up to fall asleep in front of "Order of the Phoenix" on TV. All in all, a successful Sunday. Now to get back to work....
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That sounds like a lovely Sunday, I just wish you could have two full weekend days!
Hugs and take care!
Me 2. One of these years I'll be retired and have time to really get involved in everything I love (except that my DH will be in my face and interrupting me all the time - sigh). Guess I can't win - LOLOL.

I'll get rest about the same time that you do. In other words, it ain't gonna' happin'.

- Eruklisse (one L)
It was a good day, and I was pleased by my story for the prompt of the day also. Now to get to work on East and West...ideas are percolating :-)

Have a smooth day today, my friend.

- Erulisse (one L)