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A Look Back

 Last night's corned beef dinner was fantastic, and the best part of it was that I didn't have to cook it. My DH did a great job cooking (of course, there really wasn't much to it - the beef gets boiled with spices, the cabbage gets heated up, and the potatoes get added to the water XXX amount of time before the meal is complete. Pretty darned easy.

But it was really, really good. So today is Friday and that means fish for dinner. We'll finish the last of the leftovers on Sunday since we eat pasta on Saturdays.

Corned Beef and Cabbage

We didn't do carrots, and our cabbage is kraut because we
like our corned beef as Reuben sandwiches, but it was ALL good!

Japan still is having after-shocks and the damage from the earthquake and tsunami are beyond understanding. The daily activities of those brave people trying to keep the nuclear plant from melt-down is phenomenal and heart-breaking. There has been so much death and destruction over the past few months. It does lead me to wonder what is happening to our world.

Japanese Nuclear Plant 1

This pic is one of the explosions at the nuclear plant. Now they
are talking about possible burying the reactors in concrete and sand.
I keep having very frightening flashbacks to Chernobyl.

And I keep writing and keep having fun doing it. My author friends have been very encouraging, and my grouping of stories is starting to fall into some cohesion. The B2ME prompts go through the end of the month, so I'm onto the bottom half of posts, but I am truly enjoying exercising my mind in Tolkien's playground.

So there you have it - a post of general nothing, but sometimes posts like this can have their own value. Enjoy your Friday and do something creative today!
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