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Studio Day is Misnamed Today

 So normally today is my Studio Day. I do have the day off, but no art or writing will be taking place today (unless I get really lucky late in the day). Tonight I have an appointment with my accountant to prepare our personal income taxes.

That means that today is spent getting all of my paperwork into order, printing out my monthly statements for the past year, and organizing everything so that I will have an easier time finding the numbers that she will need. Last year went smooth as silk. I suspect that this year will be a bit rockier.

Income Taxes

Thank you to all of you for your kind comments on my box. I will be posting again as we get closer to Sunday's auction start. It is important to me to get as much publicity for this as possible to build up the dollar amounts that we might get for the charity, so although you might become tired of it, I'll try and keep the publicity reasonable - as much as possible :-)

Box Interior

The interior of my jewelry box is two sectioned levels, one of which
nests on top of the other and lifts out. This crazy box took me way too
much time to make because of all of the internal construction. But it
was a lot of fun too.

And I am progressing with my B2ME writing. In fact, I'm rather amazed that I am continuing on with this. I am finding that I am enjoying doing some creative writing again, and the fact that I know the backstory (all of Tolkien's writings) as well as I do certainly helps things just click into place when I need to figure out an angle to explore in my own efforts. What fun! I am really looking forward to the end of the month. That's when everything will be complete and I can organize them chronologically and post them to a couple of other story archives as a more cohesive whole. But since I don't know the prompts for the rest of the month until each day arrives, my topic for each day is a welcome mystery that is helping to expand my thought processes. Happy me (except for my income tax appointment - LOL).
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