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Beading For A Cure Auction Update - Finallly

 As many of my readers know, I have been involved with Beading For A Cure for many years. Founded in honor of a friend, Layne Shilling, a beader who died from colorectal cancer, we have had a beading challenge each year with the finished projects auctioned off on eBay and the proceeds donated towards the erradication of colorectal cancer.

I have participated on the Board of Directors in earlier years, and for many years I was one of the bead kit suppliers. For several years now I have made an item for auction each year, and this time my "Rise of Anar" jewelry box will be up for auction.

Top Detail
The top consists of bead embellished hand painted silk featuring
an etched copper circle with an entrapped Swarovski crystal.

This box which I handmade from a large flip-front box, had a two-level divided interior as well as a flip-front ring holder. The inside of the lid features an etched copper plaque translating the Tengwar script that is etched around an encased crystal on the top of the lid. The top beaded and embellished fabric is handpainted silk.

Inside cover

The interior etched copper plaque translates the Tengwar which
is around the crystal on the top. The quotation is from JRR Tolkien's
book "The Silmarillion".

I have additional pictures and descriptions on my personal web site and you are welcome to take a look. The auction for my box (and other items) will start on March 21st. Auctions end after one week, and then other items go up for sale until the final items which will be sold on May 2nd. If you love JRR Tolkien, or know someone who does, please let them know about my box and encourage them to bid. I would love to raise some good money for cancer research through the sale of this and I also would love for as much publicity, both for my box and for the charity, as possible. Please help to pass the word.
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It's really gorgeous! It must have been a lot of work. I hope you'll get lots of bids on it. :)
I really hope so. Dawn will let me post on SWG, and I hope that my other Tolkien fans will pass the word because it is really a unique and fantastic item in a Tolkienesque framework. And I really want a lot of money for the charity. My items often do well, but I want this one to do REALLY well :-)

- Erulisse (one L)