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Groceries - Why are they necessary?

 So, we've been trying to save more money on our groceries and have started shopping for the staples, etc., at Target instead of our local grocery store. Admittedly, the cost is less, but we seem to buy more, so I'm not so sure that it is any improvement.

Why is it that I can rarely walk through the doors of Target and not have at least $100 in the basket? Money is really tight right now until our income tax rebate comes through, and I don't need this extra stress, but I have it anyway :-) I am determined that we will not go shopping next Sunday.

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NCAA March Madness starts on Tuesday. For those of you outside the US, or who just don't follow/care about sports, that would be the National College Athletic Association basketball tournament where they will move from 64 top teams to number 1 in two weeks of intense games. I don't follow it as closely as some, but I do enjoy watching the games when I can catch some of them. And I usually try to guess the brackets and make a guess on who will end up winning it all. There are always some surprises, and that makes it very fun.

Japan Earthquake

Japan. What can be said. The devastation that country has experienced and is continuing to experience is harrowing. The issues with the nuclear plants, the tsunami, the amazing videos. Japan is the most earthquake prepared nation in the world, and they still experienced this type of destruction. All I can do is thank Spirit that this quake did not happen in an area that had no safeguards in place.
I don't know if you can do it in the USA, but I find shopping online for groceries saves money as you are not tempted by what you see. When I do shop, Aldi is good(which I believe you have in the USA).
I absolutely agree. And I stick to a budget. The failure is my Darling Hubby who is impossible although he's the one who complains about the cost of everything . He would absolutely refuse to do on-line grocery shopping. I appreciate the thoughts though :-))

- Erulisse (one L)
I rage at grocery shopping. Money is really, really tight and even the basics are so expensive now. I want to take up being a Breatharian, or whatever it's called XD

Japan is all over my mind like a cloud of weeping. I am so sad :(
I don't mind grocery shopping, but we do need to start keeping to a budget. I remember the bad old days when I was so poor I was on food stamps. At least we're not that bad now, so I am grateful.

- Erulisse (one L)