Birthday Balloons

Happy Birthday aearwen2

Aearwen -

Today is your birthday, and I hunted to find a pic to describe how much your friendship has meant and continues to mean to me. My life has been enriched by our weekly conversations of life, love and writing. I can't imagine anyone else I could talk with for an hour a week and never run out of things to say. I hope your birthday is as fabulous as you are and that your next year only brings you joy. Here's a birthday pic for you.

- Erulisse (one L)

 photo BirthdayforAearwen2014_zps4449e08e.jpg
Thank you so much! I love the picture!!

I'm glad we're friends too. Who'd have ever thought that I'd find, online, someone who is about as near to a twin sister (except, I understand, your hair is a bit lighter than mine)?

I love and look forward to our weekly chats. You are a treasure, my dear.

Thanks again!