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I SO Need a Weekend

 I think I have a mouse in my heating system again. And that most certainly does NOT make me happy. At this time of the year, as well as when we get a lot of rain, I get mice trying for a better life.

As much as I understand their desire to better their living situations, I do not welcome them in my home. I'll have to tell my DH today so that he can increase his trap surveillance. We try to keep up with it, but when snow covers the ground, we can't find where the small holes might be that they are using to get into our sub-basement. I may have to break down this year and actually hire a real exterminator - another expense.

Mouse in snow

Mice are so cute. I remember rescuing and playing with them
when I was a child growing up in the Colorado mountains. But
I don't want them in my house.

I am still keeping up with Back 2 Middle Earth and I am totally amazed. I am really enjoying writing these short stories, even though they certainly take some time to write. I really love it when the subject appears to me immediately when I read the daily challenge theme. The days when that does not happen make for some long days thinking about various characters and how they might act. Today is asking for reactions from a race other than elves, and my DH has been pushing me to write about dwarves. So that gives me my race, but I still need to figure out the context. It wil work out though, I have full confidence. Fun, fun.

Daylight Saving Time

Don't forget to Spring Ahead.

And don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight before you go to sleep. Dalight Saving Time (a rather silly law that is used for most places, although not all places, in the US from March until November) requires us to "Spring Ahead and Fall Back". The only good think about this is that I will once again be able to see the sunrises as I go to work, and sunrise is my favorite time of the day. Have a great weekend!
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