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 Well, several of my friends have done this, so perhaps it is my turn to join in.  

A is for age: - hroa is 56, fea is ageless.

B is for beer of choice: I’m not fond of beer, but if I must, only Guinness is acceptable. I prefer wine though.

C is for career right now: Self-employed (meaning overworked and drastically under paid)

D is for your dog's name: No four-footed companions at all right now, neither cats nor dogs. My last dog was Pookah, though, my guardian who lived until she was one week shy of 19 years of age. I still dream of her sometimes.

E is for essential item you use everyday: Alienware desktop at home, Toshiba laptop everywhere else. Can’t imagine what I would do without my computers.

F is for favourite TV show: I have the TV on all of the time, but I rarely actually watch it – it is usually background noise. My favorite show is “Big Bang Theory” – nothing funnier than quick riposte among scientific nerds.

G is for favourite game to watch: I used to have ice hockey season tickets for the Minnesota North Stars – loved them. But when they moved, I fell out of the habit. Now I sometimes watch some football (American) and baseball and basketball. The only game I will NOT miss is the Superbowl, and I really watch that for the commercials.

H is for hometown: Born in Germany, adopted by European immigrants who lived in the US in Denver, Colorado. Currently living in Saint Paul, Minnesota for more than 30 years. Nice place, harsh winters, lots of trees, no mountains. I miss my mountains.

I is for instruments you play: I was a very accomplished cellist, but when I went into archaeology as a career, I decided that a cello wasn’t quite as portable as I needed so I let it lapse. I also play the keyboard (piano) and guitar. I am horrid at the recorder, but ever have hopes, and I crave…absolutely crave a celtic harp. My DH says “absolutely NO, NO, NO.” <sigh>.

J is for favourite juice: For fruit juice, grapefruit rocks my world.

K is for whose butt you'd like to be kicking: People who enslave others, whether actually calling them slaves, or just adjusting the cultural norms to cause such a result. Such people are usually female and often have no power or means to escape their situations. It does more than sicken me. Those types of people are merely orcs in modern disguise and should be eliminated from Arda marred.

L is for the last place you ate at: Kitchen table at home (doesn’t count my Starburst candies in front of my computer keyboard.

M is for marriage: I just celebrated my 31st wedding anniversary in September. The miracle is that my DH and I haven’t killed each other – our fights can be legendary. I basically stay because training in another one would be too much work (and the fact that I love my dwarf has nothing to do with anything – LOL). Ahhh, the beauties of cross-cultural elf/dwarf marriage….

N is for your name: Erulisse, Engarian, Sandra, Sandi – all aspects of the same entity, all valid within their own individual environments.

O is for overnight hospital stay: Hysterectomy in 2001 that saved my life – that was a great hospital stay. It also allowed me to kick my smoking habit of more than 20 years. All in all, a good experience for me, even with the pain involved.

P is for people you were with today: I was at work today, so there were many customers that I was interacting with today. .

Q is for what your best quality is: People tell me that I am talented and kind. Of the two, I’ll put kind at the top of the list, but talent is a nice compliment. .

R is for what you're currently reading: Fanfic (of course), “Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil by Elizabeth Clare Prophet”, HoME volume XI and XII, and my current artbook is “Enamels of the World 1700-2000, The Khalili Collections”. I have a new Andy Goldsworthy book due in any day from Barnes & Noble – I can’t wait!!!

S is for your relationship status: Still wedded after all these years.

T is for the time you woke up today: My standard – 3:30 am…yes, that’s AM.

U is for type of underwear you have on: I hate bras – burned mine in the late 60’s. I should wear one, but screw it – not going there. Undies – whatever I happen to grab, which today happen to be nylon and silky. All I care about is whether or not my small clothes are clean – I am fairly meticulous about caring for my clothes.

V is for favorite vegetable: I love veggies – I think I’ll have to go with corn or broccoli, although I eat lettuce every day.

W is for worst habit: I get intimidated by my DH’s temper too easily, but at least when I finally blow, it is hot and fast and I don’t bear grudges. I am a messy housekeeper – maybe that counts?

X is for x-rays you've had: Lots – after all, my annual mammogram is an x-ray, as are my dental x-rays. When I broke my arm last year I had a few. Nothing to it.

Y is for some yummies: There isn’t anything that I would consistently go out of my way for, although on occasion I have been known to have cravings for various foods. I do love my birthday cakes, but I am also glad that they are small and finished in two days. I like chocolate, but I’m not a chocoholic. I love my tea…does tea count as a yummie? It’s herbal or berry based...

Z is for zodiac sign: Taurus – stubborn to the max at times. Helpful because I am married to a Capricorn so we butt heads a lot. .

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