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 I had a restless night, waking at 1:00 am. I went downstairs to the couch to finish sleeping there and for some odd reason (probably because I was tired - DUH) I set my small alarm for an hour and fifteen minutes. So when it went off closer to 2:30 am,

I got up and went downstairs to realize that instead of my norm, I had turned my computer off for the night. I turned on my computer and the TV and wondered why I wasn't hearing the news.... Then I looked at the clock on the computer and realized I could go back to sleep for an hour. I went back upstairs, set the small alarm for another hour, but only managed another 45 minutes. I'll be a wreck tonight, but this short stints of sleep followed by sleeplessness is swiftly becoming my norm and I don't like it. There is some stress somewhere in me that I'm just not finding and can't conquer that is affecting my sleep habits to my detriment.

Alarm Clock

When I finally got to the computer and the news, I heard about the Japanese earthquake which had struck shortly before. The news sources can't agree on the strength of this earthquake - estimates range from 7.9 to 8.9. Either way, it was strong and seriously damaging with tsunami waves crashing over the north island and extended throughout the entire Pacific ring.


I don't think that the Earth and Spirit are very happy with our stewardship right now and they are making their unhappiness felt. Earthquakes, major ones, have been happening more frequently over the past year or so. And there have been other major weather changes - increased warmth in Antarctica, and increased snow in the snowbelt of the US and Canada. Tornadoes are increasing, rain in general is increasing causing more flooding, My prayers go out to the people, but also to our world who is trying so very hard to get us to pay attention to her.
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