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Proclamation: June of Doom & Gloom (Tolkien darkfic/angst/etc. challenge - Signal Boost

I'm going to participate in this and you might want to also. After all - the dark side is so appealing (and dark chocolate is so much better than milk or white chocolate). Here are the details as set up by huinare.

What: A laid-back challenge to produce Tolkien fanfic (or fanart) of a doomy and/or gloomy flavor during the month of June.

When: Any time during June.

Where: On your LJ, archive(s), or wherever else you post your writing/art.

Why: Because I am self-serving and want to motivate myself to write/read more Tolkien fic. Why not?

Who: You, if you want. Or not you, if you'd rather not.

How: There are no official rules, deadlines, or other things that would cramp our doomy and gloomy style. The criteria are highly subjective (see "What is this doom and gloom you speak of?"). I will endeavor to host weekly update/chit-chat/rant posts on my LJ. That is all.

What is this doom and gloom you speak of? I believe this varies a lot depending on the person. It probably goes without saying that the unmitigatedly fluffy or optimistic is not what this challenge is about, but aside from that it's subjective. If you rarely create or read/view dark and/or angsty fanworks, something mildly sinister may be pushing the envelope for you. Others among you may be comfortable writing perfectly ghastly and depressing things. Just follow your heart, such as it is.

Questions, concerns, bribes? Comment here! } =)

So ... if you feel like writing something of any length in the dark side or a dark mode, indulge yourself. Participate in the June of Doom & Gloom challenge. Post a story using "June of Doom and Gloom" as your heading, and make it a public post. Let's see what you think of when you think of the dark side!
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