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One Clear Day

So today will be one clear day between storms. And with all luck, we won't get the 15 inches of snow that they were predicting for Wednesday, but instead will get the 2"-4" that they have revised the forecast to state. So here, on Fat Tuesday, as we move into the season of Lent, I am sending my prayers up to the Powers for less snow instead of beads being thrown to me.

Mardi Gras Mask

Isn't this a great Mardi Gras mask? I wish I knew who
I could credit with the image, but it is just perfect!
Happy Fat Tuesday to all of you!

For some odd reason we always celebrate Lent. My DH is a non-practicing Catholic, and I of course have nothing organized within my own religious views at all, so why do we bother? We really don't do anything special, but he likes to have fish on Fridays during Lent. So we either have McDonald's fish fillet sandwiches (I love, love, love those sandwiches) or sushi for dinners on Friday. Sweet! One less day to worry about what I will have for dinner. All good!

B2ME Passport

So far I have six stamps in my B2ME Passport, but I have
two more stories being looked over by my crit group and
as long as the daily prompts intrigue me, I'll write, so I may
end up with all 31 stamps by the end of the month.

And here it is, March 8th, and I'm totally caught up on my Back to Middle Earth writings. I have several days in for critique, and then I can go ahead and post them. I'm really pleased with where I've been going with my themes. These little tales are Tolkien specific, of course, so they are posted on Tolkien specific fanfic boards. Sorry about that :-)

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