engarian (engarian) wrote,

Back to Normal (So to Speak)

 My life is ready to return to its normal level of chaos. Thus, today will be a usual Monday with just my manager and myself handling the store. We managed for the past few days without killing each other, so I'm sure we'll do OK today also. But it will be a relief to return to a normal schedule.

And, of course, it snowed. And it is expected to snow almost every day this week, with the worst of it anticipated for my day off - Wednesday (sigh). I just can't win on the snow front, although if we make it through March we'll be through the worst of it.

snowfall and tree

Snowfall always looks so peaceful. But it creates
so much work - shoveling, pulling snow off of the roof,
and driving in it. I think I'm tired of snow.

But Sunday was rather fun. After playing Lord of the Rings Online with our standard characters for a while, we started new characters on a different server where an online friend of mine has been playing. She does have two characters on my normal server, but rarely is on when we are playing. So we thought we would make new characters on our end and join her at some point in her main server. It's actually been fun starting another character. They have changed the opening sequence A LOT since the last time I started a character.


We've been playing LOTRO for several years now and
still play every Sunday. DH usually plays several times
during the week also. It was well worth the money
for us.

And I have continued writing for the daily Back to Middle Earth challenge. I am current as of yesterday, and ready to start thinking about today. I'm having fun writing short stories for this challenge, we'll see if I can last out the month. March is starting to look as if it will be a busy month for me by the end of the month.
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