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One More Day

 One more day without Chickie working alongside of me. One more day for me to have to work harder. But between customers, I have had a chance to write a bit, and I have finished three days of the first five days of Back to Middle Earch month. I'm pleased.

Things still need polishing though, so I have had a board set up for me with friends of mine who will critique my little tales and from that point I can go ahead and post them publically on a few author boards. It's a new outlet for my creativity and I'm having some fun with it. I'll try to play for this month and then I may allow myself to fade back to the background for a while longer. I have actually been working on longer stories, but I'm not happy enough with where those plots are going and those will remain private for what could be a very long time.

Asleep at the Keyboard

She's much younger than I am, and her hair is a
bit more golden, but that love affair with her
keyboard? That's me 100%.

In the meantime I am still dreaming of artwork and wishing I had more time to study how to produce digital artwork. I know I'll have the ability to play, but timing is everything and I only have so much time in my life. My poor husband is always complaining about how he gets no time from me these days. I don't think I'm giving him any less time than he has received over the past few years, but for some reason he thinks it is less. I only have 1-2 hours at night to hit the computer and if I watch a training tutorial, I tend to fall asleep because although the artist is excellent, his voice is very soft and rather monotone. So, despite the fact that I am very interested in the subject matter, I fall asleep over my keyboard <sigh>. Oh well, I will continue plugging along because I think that working my artwork digitally may be a perfect media for me...at least for now. Have a creative and artistic weekend.
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