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Rambling Thoughts For the Day

 So CBS went out and purchased several items purported to be anything from 10K to 14K gold and then had them tested where they turned out to be as low as 1.4K (that's 1 point 4 K) gold. Of course they purchased a bunch of junk that never saw the hands of a true jeweler, just buying things that would more likely be sold at your local Wal Mart, but it was a good lesson.

Personally, 10K is not gold. 14K is barely gold. My preference is 18K gold because that is true gold. Just a quick reminder, 24K is pure gold, but it is usually considered too soft for jewelry (although many items in Thailand and other places in Southeast Asia are actually 24K gold). So other metals are added to the gold, creating an alloy and lowering the karat of the gold. If I was buying gold in these crazy days, and I wanted that gold to be jewelry, I would see a small, professional jeweler and I would buy 18K gold items. I'm not going to do that, though, because that's money I simply don't have.


I am rather amazed by the value that we place
on natural elements. Gold has an artificial value, as
do diamonds, pearls, and other stones. Why?
It is completely arbitrary. But gold is pretty.

Chickie is suffering. She is sick, sick, sick. When most people get chest colds, she gets sinus colds. She is certainly entitled to sick time, but the only times she has ever taken her sick days have been when she had surgery. So she showed up for work yesterday, but truly was so miserable. I banished her to the back where she huddled under her blanket and relaxed for most of the day. I called her out a few times to help on the floor or watch things while I went down to the warehouse, but let her remain quiet and warm for as long as I could. I'm off today and she'll have to work the front. And then she's taking three days off to attend a workshop. So I hope she's feeling better today.

Barnes and Noble

I haven't visited Barnes & Noble for a while, so
I think it's about time. And having a Groupon
coupon to spend - even better!

I am going to try to continue working on digital art today. Back-To-Middle-Earth, an annual daily challenge project that occurs each March, has begun and artwork is an acceptable medium. I have other artwork challenges coming up in other months also, so I really need to get digital art under my belt. I think I'll be at the computer for most of the day today. I'll also drop by Barnes & Noble to spend my Groupon coupon. They had an offer a couple of weeks ago - $20 for $10 - such a deal. And I brought my bead work home from the shop so that I could work a bit on that - I have a choker in the works and want to get more accomplished with it. I hope that you have a creative and joyous day because every day when we rise to greet the sun again is a day filled with joy.
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