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Short Quiz from lindahoyland

I really wanted something more exotic, but I guess I'm very normal and predictible...*sigh*. It's only five quick questions, so come and play with me.

You Are an American Breakfast

You are a real go-getter, and your ambitions start early in the morning. You need a hearty breakfast.

You wake up ready to take on the day. You are highly motivated and a self-starter - even on the weekends.

You are energetic, and even if you're lagging, you will force yourself to get moving. You don't let anything stop you.

You are charismatic and inspiring. People are impressed by what you're able to do, and you always provide yourself with the right fuel.

I got this one:

You Are a French Breakfast

You are the type of person who enjoys ever moment of life. You live for little celebrations, even private ones.
Whenever you can, you take the opportunity to indulge... even at breakfast time. You are receptive to all of life's delights!

You are good natured and easy to delight - you love so many things. You have broad tastes and interests.
You have more amazing experiences than most people, but it's only because you don't seek them out. You just stay open - and great things come your way.

Oh, how delightful! I love the entire idea of a French breakfast of wonderful coffee, wonderful bread and a sidewalk cafe.

- Erulisse (one L)
I am a Japanese breakfast...apparently!
'You have a quiet creativity that others envy. You have a natural sense of balance and design.

You don't like ordinary ways of living. You experiment and figure out what works for you - no matter how unusual it ends up being.

You are very sensitive. You absorb everything, and you observe details that others never even notice.

You are self-aware and contemplative. You realize how unique you are, and you experience emotions deeply.'

I couldn't find how to 'share' it properly :/

Re: I am a Japanese breakfast...apparently!
I think it suits you very well.

As for sharing these little quizzes, there is usually a list of options on the left of your paragraph giving you a variety of options such as facebook, twitter and HTML. I choose the HTML button and it translates my results into code which I then copy and paste.

- Erulisse (one L)
Re: I am a Japanese breakfast...apparently!
yeah i tried the buttons but the html and livejournal ones wouldn't work. possibly it's my setup here (i'm at work) :/
Re: I am a Japanese breakfast...apparently!
Well that's certainly possible. Nothing seems to mess up a good internet interaction more than firewalls and codes established by work Administrators :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
i love memes and quizzes
thank you for this

i am a French breakfast
we used to go to St. Martin and had wonderful breakfasts
coffee and brioche
coffee at a table on the street - people hurrying by
most particularly
crepes limon in a small cafe right on the quay by the water