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Holidays and Moods

 Today marks the official beginning of our Holiday Season at work. It is a season that I truly hate because I work six-day weeks until Christmas, but I have to do whatever I can because we need whatever income we can generate throughout these weeks. I'll be sending an Email to my customers within a day or two telling them about new products and our holiday hours, and I need to do a Holiday Hours sign today for my windows and door. We'll decorate the store before Thanksgiving, and we'll have Christmas Carols on the radio after Thanksgiving. The CD player part of the stereo has been broken for a couple of years, so we're stuck with the radio. But there are a couple of stations that play a decent selection of traditional and non-traditional carols.

Christmas Decorations
 Elegant Holiday decorations

Last night was Halloween. We live very close to a college and usually do get some college students coming by for trick-or-treat. I really enjoy having the college kids - it's almost all women. Last night we got 10 women and one man, not as many as last year when we had more than 20 kids. It was fun though and I always love giving out the candy. We pace ourselves with the leftover candy - between one and three pieces on an average night each. We have lots of leftovers this time, and I find that I don't mind that little bit of sweetness and chocolate as a top-off to my evening. So extra left-overs are OK. Otherwise I would bring some to the shop and give them to customers.

Sunrise 1
Sunrise - the colors always give me hope for each day

I'm feeling a bit depressed today. I'm sure I'll get over it, but it's just the way that it is. I'm usually a very positive person - I work hard at that. I don't want to dive back into the depths of depression that I had many years ago - NOT a fun experience. I'll feel better once I see the sunrise and feel the joy that greeting the sun always brings to me.
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I am so sorry you are feeling depressed. Hugs you. My reading and writing are my prozac, because I suffer depression, although I am not in the pit I was some years ago -- and that is something. I never want to go back there again, and fanfiction, reading it, writing it, getting to know people has been a truly unexpected blessing.
I well understand that pit, it was hard to crawl out of and not something that I want to revisit, or want you to revisit. My fanfic reading, reviewing and participation does help keep me on track, along with my artwork. But real life can get in my way of primroses and singing birds :-) Hugs back at you!

- Erulisse (one L)
But real life can get in my way of primroses and singing birds :-)

Bwah - I know. I try to avoid it as much as possible!
Cheer up! It may just be one of those melancholic days... Listen to some happy music, read a funny fic!

I took my Orclings trick-or-treating last night. She-devil (oh so cute!) and scary ghost, they were. They came back home with a ton of sweets that I am now forced to ration. Someone gave them a huge Lindt dark chocolate tablet that I promptly confiscated as parental comission!
What fun, and it certainly seems moot that your parental commission should be dark chocolate :-) It was a beautiful sunrise today that should carry me through the dismal financial reports from October later today.

- Erulisse (one L)
Clinical depression is a beastly disease and certainly not an easy one to address. I'm fortunate not to suffer from it, but I know those who do, and I feel empathy for them. I'm glad that your hard work at staying positive has helped! And there's something to be said for sunlight. I've found that even in the bleakest time of winter, getting some sun or just natural daylight during the middle of the day elevates my mood.

And six day work weeks until Christmas? I know it is good for your business, but yikes! *Pats you gently*