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Beautiful Gowns

 I am a middle-aged overweight short female who won't be getting any closer to haute couture clothing than the other side of a television screen. But the gowns at the Academy Awards last night were marvelous. Oh, there were some bad ones, and some that just were the wrong color for the person wearing them. But, most of the gowns were wonderful and flowed beautifully.

I was watching the red carpet before the Oscars began and watched most of it on "E", NOT my favorite channel. Their commentators were some person I had never heard of in a dreadful dress with a horrid hairstyle, and Kelly Osbourne (yes, Ozzy's daughter) who also had an atrocious hairstyle. Now, when I think of high fashion, I most certainly do NOT think of Kelly Osbourne. However, for the last hour of the red carpet, I found Tim Gunn doing commentary on another channel and flipped over to him. At least he knows what he is talking about.

Halle Berry at 2011 Oscars

Halle Berry always looks amazing and this
year's gown was outstanding on her.

I did take an hour out of the Oscars to watch the Amazing Race, because I happen to really enjoy the show. But then I spent far too long watching the Academy Awards and couldn't turn them off or go to sleep until they were over. So I'm a bit tired today and this will be a hard week since I'll be short staffed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday while my Assistant Manager attends a workshop.

Natalie Porthan at the 2011 Oscars

Natalie Porthan looked great and very happily
pregnant. She won the Oscar for her role in
the Black Swan - a movie that I still want to see.

And the annual Back To Middle Earth challenge begins again on March 1st. Last year I found it quite confusing, but I may participate a bit in this year's challenge. Only with artwork, though. It's always good to have a goal in mind and since other things that I participate in are running late this year, I might as well concentrate on my pencils, pens and paints instead. Since this challenge is totally open-ended, I don't feel backed into a deadline corner. I wish you a great upcoming week!
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