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TGI Saturday

Wait....just a minute here....isn't this supposed to be TGIF? Thank Goodness It's Friday is a part of the vernacular of the US. But Friday is just another work day for me. Nothing special. Saturday, on the other hand, is the end of my work week, a day when the shop closes an hour earlier, and my Italian day - time for Bascali's "Smoked Sausage Marinana on Rigatoni" for my dinner. Yippee!

It's been an extremely difficult week for DH and me and I know that just getting to this point was a real achievement for both of us.

Digital Art

She's a lovely warrior maiden, isn't she? I can
dream about being able to create digital art
that's as nice as this one.

Looking carefully through the documentation on my Digital Art tutorial disk, I was delighted to read that it actually is using a version of Photoshop that is even older than my antique. That means that their brushes and pallettes, etc., will actually be able to be installed into my program and I will be able to play. I have been working on a picture of Thranduil at the bier of Oropher and I really wanted to do the next steps in a digital format instead of breaking out my pens or watercolors. I am hoping that by working my way through the tutorial I will have a better handle on what I want to do with this artwork and will be able to make it into something really fun. At least that's the goal...

Time Passes

Tempus Fugit is the old adage - time flies.
Sometimes that's great, sometimes not so
great. But you must keep an eye on time.

And an update...my Father-by-Marriage's eye surgery went very well. He had his next-day checkup yesterday and he is thrilled with the change in his vision. His doctor will only be with the clinic for another two months, so we need to make sure that he gets his other eye taken care of as soon as possible. We're thinking about getting the other eye scheduled for the end of March or early April. I'll get DH started working on dates next week so that we can get this completed. And the TALK with my FBM also happened yesterday from both my DH and his oldest Granddaughter. We'll continue to monitor him closely - no choices there. Thanks to all of you for the kind wishes and great suggestions. They really helped.
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