engarian (engarian) wrote,

The Letter Meme

samtyr assigned me the letter "P". If you want a letter, just ask me in the comments below and let's play. Now...here we go...

Something I hate: pushy people (do I get double points for the double P? - LOL)

Something I love: Peregrine Falcons

Somewhere I have been: Portales, New Mexico - A tiny town in east central New Mexico where I went to school for several years for my MA and where I met my DH

Somewhere I would like to go: Petra, Jordan - please!!! I've wanted to go here for aeons. If I can't go there, then maybe Peru and while I'm there, I can meet silver_trails

Someone I know: Pamela "Poo" Bales, my friend for many years, and one of the BEST roomies ever at the shows we attended together for many, many years.

Best Movie: Pirates of the Carribean - Johnny Dep and Orlando Bloom...what's not to like?

So there I go. Want to play along? Just ask me for a letter.

- Erulisse (one L)
Tags: meme

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