engarian (engarian) wrote,

Hard Day for DH

 Today will be a tough day for my DH. My Father-by-marriage is scheduled to have cataract surgery on one eye early this morning. We have no idea if he did the pre-op eye drops regime properly. We wrote him a chart etc for when to take what for him to check off as he went. But who knows if he really did it properly?

I awakened my DH at 4:10 this morning so that he can pick my FBM up and get him to the eye clinic within the next hour or so. My nephew is supposed to meet him there so that he can keep an eye on "Grandpa" while DH parks the car, etc. We can't leave my FBM unattended - he is not trustworthy and would wander. <sigh> Then, my DH will take him home after the surgery and my FBM is supposed to have someone with him for 24 hours. I can guarantee that DH will not stay there for 24 hours. But he figures if he can stay there until my FBM falls asleep tonight, it should be good enough. I have no idea, but I'm staying far away from this one.


Her eyes are stunning - light grey and almost luminous.

My Father-by-marriage is a problem that is growing larger over time. He is very healthy physically, but mentally he is starting to fade and his decision-making abilities are being called into question. That is creating a great deal of stress for my poor DH and when he gets stressed, he takes it out on me (not the best direction for stress relief). I went through some of this when my mother's Alzheimer's took over her brain, and I know what problems lie ahead. But he is not my relative and I have no say. Any course of action would have to be decided by my DH, his sister, and several grandchildren. What a mess!

So, in honor of his eye surgery, I decided to have some beautiful eyes to look at for the day. I hope that your day goes smoothly and that you have some color and happiness in your day today.
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