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Studio Day and Focus

 So, today is my Studio Day for the day, and even with some errands and things that I have to do I plan on continuing work on the artwork that I started last week.

Although I'll have the paper version ready for shading and coloring, I really want to play with digital art. I have been wanting to for several years now. I just need to dive in and start playing, and this illustration is as good a place to start as any. My only concern is the fact that my Photoshop is very old and I fear that many of the brushes and effects that are used now for digital art may not exist in my old version of Adobe. But I'll never know if I don't try. And if it doesn't work with the version that I have, it will give me something to save up for because I know I need a newer version and have for a while.


I want to be able to do digital artwork as beautiful
as this. Isn't it just lovely? I'll never get good
at art if I don't play and draw more.
Hmmm....what an idea!

The refrigerator is installed and looks very large. It does seem to be keeping cool, though, and that is the focus of a refrigerator, after all. I'll start putting food into it today if the temp has settled down to a constant. I also have a quick run by my dentist early this morning so that he can look at the tooth that I chipped on Sunday and make sure that all is OK with it. Maybe he can smooth out the little bit of roughness that is bothering my tongue when I touch the chip. I have a free breakfast coming at Twisted Fork, one of my favorite breakfast places, and I have Fiodil's "Wars of the Valar" ready to download onto my Nook when I get back home this afternoon. All in all, I think today will be a fun day, laundry and chores notwithstanding.
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