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Working Too Hard

 My back hurts today. I'm absolutely sure that my DH's back hurts WAY worse than mine. Yesterday we awoke to 10 inches of snow to shovel. It took an hour to get the house shoveled out. Then I went to the shop and it took another 30 minutes to shovel out the front walk at the shop.

He, in the meantime, pulled the snow off the roof, shoveled the snow from the window wells (they get full when you pull the snow off the roof), and increased the width of the pathway to our front door so that the refrigerator delivery people might have a chance of getting the fridge into the house today. Then he shoveled out my Father-by-Marriage and finally got into work three hours late. Then he left work early and shoveled at the old house. What a mess. I am SO tired of snow.

Ice Dams Diagram

Why go through all of the work to pull off snow? Without
doing that, ice dams start on my roof and I end up with
roof leaks and damaged shingles.

So the new fridge should be delivered today. Getting it through my front door is no problem. But getting it through the door to the kitchen - that's always a serious problem because we have a 29 inch wide doorway. I know they will have to pull the doors off and pull out the bottom freezer drawer to get it through. They will have to do the same with the old fridge which they are taking with them. Getting these things in and out of the house is always challenging. We have a "built-in", so the fridge sits in between the kitchen cabinetry, and that limits our size choices quite dramatically. But DH wants a fridge with room (just so he can purchase lots of things that he then forgets that we have and that sit in there forever - LOL). Whatever. He bought the fridge, he can get what he wants. I just want something that works!

Claire at Chickie's 40th Birthday Party

Chickie's Mom, Claire, at Chickie's 40th Birthday Funeral.
I really like Claire, she's a very special person.

And hugs go out to my friend Chickie whose aunt passed the Circles of the World yesterday morning. Her aunt and her mother were twins, so I know this is also hitting Claire very hard. My thoughts are with the family in this difficult time.
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