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A Paen to Normalcy

This morning I will leave home very early (6:30 am) and drive to my Computer Guru's place to pick up my repaired computer.

Dale gave me a new hard drive, even though he didn't think the hard drive was the problem, and rebuilt my operating system, moved over all of my programs, replaced one anti-virus and firewall with a different kind and cleaned things up. I'm not sure what he'll charge me, but I know it will be reasonable. He's a very honest guy and will only charge full on his hourly rate when he can't multi-task and split that cost between several different jobs. I think I'll have to put it on a credit card, though, because right now my cash is a bit tight. Then I can take the CPU back home. I might leave work for a couple of hours today to get the computer set back up and tested. Then I'll be back up and running and hopefully back playing LOTRO on Sunday.

The refrigerator, however, gave up the ghost completely yesterday. The fan isn't turning on, the condenser isn't working, and the freezer is room temp. We'll be going to the appliance store on Sunday to choose a new fridge and hopefully have it delivered on Tuesday.
Next week's schedule is a bear. My father-by-marriage is having cataract surgery on one eye on Thursday morning with a follow-up appointment on Friday morning, and then we have our business income tax appointment on Friday night. Then I'll get a week or so to gather the information for my personal income tax appointment. Sometimes I hate this time of the year..... But at least I get my computer back today - LOL. Why not indulge yourself today by giving yourself an hour to play with color. Multi-color pen sets are not very expensive at your local art supply store, and there are always Crayola Crayons - the MOST fun ever!
Yay for a working computer again!

And for crayola crayons. I used to draw with a pen mostly though. Not that I can draw for toffee, but my father used to do a lot of pen-and-ink sketches when I was small, and I kind of picked that up.

My family is artistic, just not me. :\
Oh, I SO disagree with that, Spiced. You write. That is also art. You are an extremely talented artist. Your pallette is your words.

- Erulisse (one L)
Your pallette is your words.

Lol, that's debatable. It is a bit splodge, splodge.

I do love words though, it is true.
Splodge, splodge can be art in the hands of the right person. Just look at the works of Jackson Pollock :-) Vanimore is art, Elgalad is art, Coldagnir is art. 'Nuff said :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
I don't seem to be getting notifications from LJ again :|

You are very kind, thank-you. I enjoy splodging those characters. :)
Ah, Crayolas, my house is littered with them, though we are now moving to marker pens, which are a danger. Sometimes I pick them up to doodle. I used to like drawing, now I just go to DeviantArt and admire what other people can do...

I hope your computer behaves this time, it sounds as if you've had it rebuilt from scratch!
A 64-box of Crayolas was the BEST present that my parents could give me into my teen years. We didn't have a lot of money, but it opened so many doors for me. Marker pens, well if in the hands of adults it's great. In the hands of kids - perhaps the removable ones might be better :-)

My Guru spent more than 8 hours working on my computer but only charged me for 3 hours of work. He's a total sweetie. He knows he'll get to build me a high-end computer later this year. He was tantalizing me by showing me a box similar to what he would build for me while I was picking my system up. Drool.....

- Erulisse (one L)
I worked in pastels when I was very young, but never picked them up again as a media. I love watercolor and acrylics, watercolor pencils and colored pens and markers. I really want to play with digital art, so I might scan what I drew out on Studio Day, plug in my Wacom, and see what I can do with some custom brushes in Photoshop. I just want to play....

- Erulisse (one L)
Well, hoorary for a working computer! Your schedule looks hectic, but at least there's one thing returning to semi-normal, right?
Anyone who knows me well would laugh heartily at the word "normal" ever being applied to me or my life. However, I do think that my life may rest back into the ruts of semi-chaos and I can live with that :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Hoping that having things below the cut (which I will continue to work on) might be easier for you and others with phone aps :-)
It's not as big a deal when I'm on the laptop - and your posts haven't been too big a deal because it's usually not more than once a day. But when things happen like a zillion fics his my flist from a challenge - half not behind a cut - OR someone posts 5-6 posts a day with 3 big images each and not behind a cut - AND I'm trying to check LJ on a between cases break on my Droid? That becomes painful.

So I greatly appreciate the consideration. :)
NP - I get annoyed at people who don't clip on standard Emails all the time. I do only post once a day - I figure that's enough. I will add a second post for birthdays or special things, but usually once a day is my max. Everything else is just responses and those are always only text. But I'll practice, because I think having things behind the cut is a handy thing to do (besides being courteous).

- Erulisse (one L)