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Repair Hell

 Someone up there hates me. Actually, I know better, but whatever God/Goddess looks over electronic devices has certainly had me in their radar lately.

On the refrigerator front, the replacement of the relay and cut-off valve did not work, and now they recommend replacing the compressor. Of course each of the repairs has been more expensive, and if we replace the compressor we will be into repairs for $600-$700. At this point they are also not sure that a new compressor would actually fix the problem. So, I will be phoning them today, cancelling the repair, and seeing what kind of deal they can offer me on a new refrigerator. My problem...my doors are 29 inches wide. Refrigerators are expensive and deep. Getting the last one through my doors required the complete removal of the refrigerator doors. Then it has to fit into my built-in space, although that has a bit more flexibility. I am hoping to get at least $500 off of a new 'fridge to make up for the time we have spent with them on repairs that didn't work.

Alienware in Green

My Alienware computer uses green lights, my DH's one
uses red lights. If I get Dale to make me a new computer
later this year, it will probably have blue lights. And it
will work better and be MUCH faster. I'm SO tempted.

On the computer end, after sending the error code to my Guru, he phoned and said that the problem was much deeper and to bring the CPU in to him on Wednesday morning. I was at his place, CPU in hand, just after 8 am and we worked on it until 10 am, at which time I left to do my other errands and he kept working on it. We've never seen anything like it. Comparing my old hard drive to the new one, going into the operating system to compare, it is as if my new hard drive was a chocolate chip cookie and Cookie Monster has taken a bite out of it. I was missing more than 30 essential operating system files from the hard drive, although they were somewhere, they were completely unfindable. It was totally bizarre. I left the CPU with him, since I can't do anything with a non-functional computer. He'll continue working on it and let me know when it is fixed and ready for me to pick up. So I'm still working on the alternate computer and my laptop. <sigh>
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