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Spinning Wheels

 I've always been quite fond of spinning things - wheels, pinwheels, spinning around in a circle to get dizzy. Some of my friends would say that I don't need to spin around to be dizzy, that I am already quite dizzy enough in my daily life. They may not be wrong, but I still love spinning around and then falling on the ground to watch the world spin around me.

I have several spinning wheels around my home. I used to do quite a bit of spinning of wool and other fibres, but now my hands are in such bad condition that I wouldn't be able to spin effectively. I refuse to give up my wheels, though, because they are so beautiful.

Spinning Wheel

I own four spinning wheels. One of them looks quite
similar to this one.

But spinning my wheels because of repairs and other vissitudes of human life? Well, that's a wheel that I really don't like. I'm dealing with two of those wheels right now. My refrigerator repair guy will be here again this morning to install two parts that the refrigerator manufacturer recommended for our problem. It is our hope that this will allow us to get at least another two-four years from our fridge before we have to purchase another one. The food that is in the current fridge is toast, though, and I'll be throwing out several hundred dollars worth of food and condiments that have gone bad over the past two weeks of refrigerator fighting.

And my computer is still sick. I attempted to do what my Guru and I had done the last time when the repair worked, but last night the fix didn't work. Unfortunately, with the Guru and my schedules this week, the day that I'll be able to talk with him in the early morning and try anything else won't happen until Friday unless he surprises me and phones me today. So this might be a longer haul than intended and that leaves me with DH's computer here at the house and my laptop at work. It could be worse, but I'm getting tired of this particular spinning wheel. I just can't afford a new computer right now, so I have to hang in there and work with whatever fixes I can.

I hope that your day has no break-downs in it and that all is joy for you today.
That is a pretty spinning wheel. Not actually one of yours, though?

And I'm sorry you're having problems with the expensive electronics. :(
No, I have one that is quite similar to it. As I said, I have four wheels, each one is beautiful in it's own way and each is quite different. I love my wheels and just can't sell them or get rid of them.

So sorry that your friend is having a bad week, but that happens on occasion. I don't think you'll have too much trouble with language problems. And I think the experience will outshine any problems that you might have had. This will be a wonderful experience. Do you have the dates yet?

- Erulisse (one L)
I can understand that! I love my own wheel, although it is a bit battered and rickety. But it came to me via various family members, so that's no surprise; and it works, which is the important thing.

I need to sort out the dates -- I should have done that today, really, but I was a bit distracted. I hope it will be a good experience! The place sounds fantastic -- and at the very, very least, it's good for the CV. I still feel awful for my friend, though. The thing is, I wouldn't have minded not getting it, but she obviously did. And had been having a bad week to start with. :(
Do you have any F-list friends in Geneva? It's wonderful to visit places where you can meet friends you've never met before. Just a thought :-)

And I can't believe someone with your linguistic skills thinks that you are not good with languages in general. I fully believe that you are probably much better than you think you are.

- Erulisse (one L)
I don't think so, sadly. Though it did occur to me too.

And I can't pronounce anything but English, which really doesn't help. Oh well. We'll see! Thanks for your encouragement. :)
You don't speak your Latin aloud? I'm surprised. We used to always read aloud in class, I find it easier in many respects. If you can speak Latin, you can speak any of the Romance languages since the basic intonations are very similar.

- Erulisse (one L)
Not normally. I don't know how people who learned it in secondary school were taught, but I only took it once I hit university. I only really deal with it as a written medium. But in any case, even when I took French (and a little bit of German), I was always worst at pronunciation.