engarian (engarian) wrote,

Someone Up There Hates Me

 Someone up there hates me, or, maybe that someone who hates me actually only hates my computer. But whatever Power it is and whatever direction his hatred, I suspect that it is aimed, once again, at my computer. My main computer is doing it's whirling in cyberspace again, unable to turn on and do functional things. I have the utility disks that Computer Guru and I made the last time this happened (only a month ago!) and I can probably have it fixed in a day or so, I just need to phone him and make sure exactly the process that I should do to get the utility working. It is a frustration, but I think it will be a fairly minor annoyance, all things considered.

And somewhere in the middle of my 10-things meme I passed the #700 for my posts. Yippee to me! I'm always amazed when I pass one of those crazy little milestones like that. The fact that I have written that consistently for that long is something that I was never able to do in a print journal. But, writing on my keyboard on a blog...that seems to work. I have no pictures on this secondary computer, so just imagine confetti and streamers flowing :-)

Happy Valentine's Day and have a wonderful Monday!
Tags: computer, holidays, writing

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