Birthday Balloons

Happy Birthday dawn_felagund

Today is dawn_felagund's birthday and I'm celebrating. I've seen your pictures when you've been belly dancing and you look fabulous in red. So I thought this birthday pic might be just perfect for you. Celebrate with your students, Miss Karen and other staff members, and of course with Bobby and The Goldens. Happy Birthday and have a great next year of your life!

- Erulisse (one L)

 photo BirthdayforDawnFelegund2013_zps98c97d1d.jpg
Thanks so much, Erulisse! Red is my favorite color ... I went to prom in it, was married in it, and dance in it! :D It's been a really great birthday, both at home and at work. (A couple of students sang to me. Awwww ... And Bobby had a surprise birthday dinner for me last night!)