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Searching for Azalais

 Does anyone have Azalais as a friend?  I want to get to read a clean copy of her "Amid the Powers and Chances of the World" and what I have was messed up when she was going through her chapter re-organization, etc on HASA.  I know she has an LJ account, and I'm hoping she might have P&C on it.  So I'm hoping to friend her and get a chance to read a correct version.  

- Erulisse (one L)
It's posted on FFN


Although I don't know, if like Ziggy, her FFN story is less adult on there.

Thanks, Surgical and Jay. Found it and will start again with a clean copy tonight. Things were so messed up and it's such a great story. Appreciate everyone's help.

- Erulisse (one L)
Hiya! Looks like various people pointed you in my direction. P&C isn't on LJ but it is, as was pointed out, in process of being posted on FFNet - it's not complete there yet (though it will be exactly the same version there as on HASA eventually - it's not as explicit as Ziggy's stuff so it's only rated Teen!)

It is, though, already all up at Tolkien Fan Fiction - here - it's not showing up at HASA at the moment because I've put it in for review there.

Thanks for wanting to track it down - I'm very flattered! - and for the positive comments...
I did find it at TFF. I originally read this as you were posting it chapter by chapter on HASA, but then, at the end, you started rearranging the chapters, adding and subtracting, and things got a bit messed up. I wanted to read it again, in its' entirety, the way you intended it to read.

But, I certainly didn't require reading it again to review it for HASA (looking over at my black cloak thrown in the corner), because I remembered how very much I loved it as I was reading it originally. You wrote a classic tale here and it is one of my top-10.

- Erulisse (one L)
Sorry if you found it messed up - there only should have been gaps/overlaps very briefly, I think, but if you happened to be reading those sections at just that point then I can see how annoying it would have been!

And thanks again for the compliments - I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much: one of the joys of posting was the amount of pleasure it seemed to bring people (well, and a few tears too...)