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10 Things I Hate

 Hate is such a strong word and I am reluctant to focus on negative thoughts at 4:00 am, but I'll try.

1 - I hate oppression of those who are perceived weak. This includes the oppression of women and children, as well as those who are handicapped in any form. Those who oppress are on power trips and ego trips and personify true evil.


Hitler was the personification of evil in last century. Who will be
the evil for our current century?

2 - Speaking of evil I hate it in all forms. I fight it where I can and refuse to succumb to it. Sometimes standing up against evil is frightening, but it has to be done. And if I lose my possessions or my life through standing up against evil, I will have lost for the right reasons. I do not want to live in a world ruled by evil.

3 - I hate those who take this wonderful and amazing world that we live on for granted. Those who throw trash out of their car window, those who place graffiti on the rocks in national parks, those who throw empty beer cans in the streams and rivers. Shame on them!

Puppies are just SO cute!

4 - I hate those who abuse animals. Those plants and animals who share this world with us should be cherished and welcomed as partners in this life. Do you want to know about a person? Check out their attitudes towards animals and plants.

5 - I hate people who exploit children. Children are our most precious asset and should not be sold into slavery either for work or sexual slavery. Children should be protected and allowed to experience a true childhood in a loving family.

6 - I hate people who exploit people for sexual superiority. It is not sexual pleasure, it is total exploitation. It is far different than consenting adults participating in sexual games that benefit both parties, I hate those who are placed in these sexual situations against their will just so that their partner can find release.

7 - I hate liars. There is a difference between tact and small untruths and true lies. True lies should not be tolerated by those who hear them. Do you hear this, politicians?


8 - I hate politics. It has its' place in the world, but I despise it. The reality is that if someone actually wants to run for office of any kind, they probably are the worst person for the job. But, that said, once they are in office, sometimes they can grow into that position and truly become responsive to those who they represent.

9 - I hate people who do not communicate; those who think that they are always right and will not listen or even try to understand other viewpoints. People with this type of tunnel vision are dangerous people.

Dalai Lama

I love the Dalai Lama. His pure joy in his beliefs of Spirit and people
is infectious. Spirit should be joy!

10 - I hate many aspects of "organized" and "mainstream" religion. There are many parts of the many religious views practiced in this world that are worthwhile and true. But there are also too many people who walk the road of "souls at any cost" which sends fear to my heart. I am deeply spiritual, but I walk my own path as I hear the Song. I have no intention, now or any other time, of fitting into the box provided by organized religion. The fact that I don't walk their road does not mean that I don't believe in Spirit, but they see all those who don't walk their road as damned and evil. I respectfully disagree. In older days, I would have been burned at the stake for my beliefs. That's quite frightening, isn't it?
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