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10 Things I Love

 Continuing on with my personal lists...10 Things I Love

1 - I love art in all of its forms and varieties. The expression of joy and angst into visual, audible and kinetic displays is basic to human-kind. A small child will make artistic visions with colors and paints, an elder will pick up a pencil to draw, a musician will tap out a rhythmn or take an instrument in hand, a dancer will spin and move gloriously. It is all art, and I love it all.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

This Dale Chihuly piece hangs in the Minneapolis Institute of Art

2 - I love museums. Going to a museum is one of my favorite activities and one that I never tire of. I have been known to travel to distant cities just to visit specific exhibits at museums.

3 - I love reading, especially fanfic (non-commercially published stories and novels based on the published works of other authors) and cannot imagine how I could have lived so many years without exploring this vast resource of alternative literature.

4 - In the same vein - I love my Nook Color. OK, it's banal to mention a specific product in a listing like this, but after more than a month of using it every day for hours a day, I can conclusively say that this was the "Best Gift EVER".

Nook Color

Nook Color - I love it, I love it, I love it!

5 - I love the world in which we live. Even on these days of winter when the world is a dirty grey and the temperature is such that I would much rather not go out, I love it. I love the animals and the plants, I love the breezes and the clouds, I love the waters and the mountains. I just wish we, as people, walked with a lighter footprint on this glorious world.

6 - I love my family, at least most of the time - LOL. And I suspect that is true for almost everyone.

7 - I love the sound of rushing water, as long as it is not associated with another basement flood for me. Babbling brooks, the sound of waterfalls, the rushing of a river - I love all of them.

Waterfall in Lesotho

This beauty is in Lesotho, Africa. It's stunning, isn't it?

8 - I love Spirit - a word that can encompass so much. I know that there is a broader universe out there and much that I can't perceive or understand. I love the beauty of the Universe in which I am allowed to live. I love that I am allowed to be a part of it and I hope that I am performing up to expectations/desires. I look forward to walking into the next stage when it is time for me to do so, and understanding more of Spirit at that time.

9 - I love attending the Renaissance Festival - several weekends of outdoor activities shared with others of like feelings in costume. It gives me an opportunity to leave my everyday cares behind me.

10 - I love making art - thinking about it, drawing it out, grabbing my color pens or watercolors, and then making it in metal and enamel. My beads and my metalwork surround my life as creative bookends with everything else between them and I'm eternally grateful to find time to play with my art when I can.

I was going to also deal with the things that I hate - a strong emotion, but I can't seem to just make short lists so I'll deal with that on a different day.
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