Birthday Balloons

Happy Birthday Randy_O

Sometimes life gives rain, sometimes sunshine, and once a year the world celebrates your birthday. I know you've been juggling a lot over the last year, and that I owe you a PM, but I can't let this wonderful and celebratory day pass without wishing you the very best for the year ahead. I hope you have an opportunity to share this day with friends, eat things that aren't good for you and drink beverages that also are not good for you, because you deserve at least one day of indulgence. Have an absolutely wonderful day!

- Erulisse (one L)

 photo BirthdayforRandy2013_zpsffe8fa00.jpg
Thank you! You know, there's a picture of a bullfighter (a lot like that one) getting a horn in the worst possible place. I hope THAT'S not in my future. ROFL
Oh my! That WOULD be bad. Maybe I should have found a picture of a juggler for you instead?


- Erulisse (one L)