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10 Things - Day 1

 My friend Spiced found these on the post of a friend of hers and decided to jump in. These were of interest to me, so I also decided to jump in, but not over 10 days - too organized for me today. I'll post when I feel like it, but not in a row. Too much else can happen that I may want to discuss. I'll eventually get through all 10 days though. The only thing I will guarantee is that it won't take 10 days.

DAY 1 - 10 things about you

1 - Although I am a very organized person, my personal space is a disaster with piles of stuff I need all around me <sigh>. Housekeeping and cleaning are too far down on my personal "to do" meter.

2 - I am an unrepentent Hippie from the 60's and experienced as much of that cultural lifestyle as I possibly could while I was growing up. If I had been just a couple of years older I probably would have run away from home which would have been a really stupid move on my part. For once youth was a plus.

Hippie Days

3 - I am an adopted only child, born in Europe and adopted by European refugees who were living in the US. It has given me a unique perspective and an interesting history.

4 - I love "watching" TV. By that, I mean having the TV on behind me, and occasionally turning around to see what the excitement is. But there are very few shows that I will actually pay attention to and watch.

5 - I spend too much time on my computer - it's like another full-time job with about 40 hours a week just at the keyboard. Silly me.

6 - I adore the clouds in all of their varied forms which is probably why I love tornados. But their variety astounds me and I wish I had more time to lean back and just watch them as I did when I was a child.

7 - I was a fearless child - climbing trees, walking across beams in homes being built, exploring abandoned houses, building forts, and running around in my neighborhood. My block was kid-heavy and on any normal day there were more than eight of us playing at a time. Add vacant lots and homes being built to the mix and you've got the perfect playground.

8 - There were many things that I worked very hard at that I let go as I grew up. I have an MA which I really don't use, and I was a very talented cellist and don't play any more. I miss making music though, and have a great yearning to teach myself how to play the harp.

9 - I hate growing old - at least bodily, mentally isn't so bad yet since experience is only learned through...well...experience. But the body is a traitor and I am not fond of inviting traitors into my life.

10 - I always have had my nose in a book since I was a small child. I plan to continue reading until the day that I die because through those other worlds and viewpoints I can live and experience the greater world(s).

Year of the Rabbit

And happy Year of the Rabbit. Celebrate well, enjoy your families, wear red. Even set off a firework or two (or three - I love fireworks). I hope that this year will be fulfilling for you and happy for you and your loved ones.
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