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Rodents and Art

Groundhog Day

Today is Groundhog Day in the US. This probably means next to nothing for my outside-of-the-US readers, but it is an important day in the life of one rodent and anyone sick of winter here. The adage goes - the groundhog sticks his nose out of his den today and wanders around a little bit. Looking around himself for any possible predators, this silly being can scare himself back into his den for another six weeks if he sees his shadow. Therefore, if he sees his shadow and scurries back to his den, we will have six more weeks of winter. If he does not see his shadow, winter will end soon. It is predicted that we will have snow and clouds over his Pennsylvania home today, so hopefully he will not see his shadow and winter will end soon. (Of course, this is Minnesota and ending soon for winter is simply not in our lexicon up here. But an earlier end to winter would be welcomed by almost everyone I have spoken to over the past two weeks.)

Evelyn De Morgan

Evelyn De Morgan - 1855-1919

I had several people comment on the painting I included in yesterday's post. The picture was by Evelyn De Morgan, an artist who lived from 1855-1919. You can read a short Wikipedia on her here, but there is much more information available about her on-line in general. I chose a couple of additional pictures for you to view because I like her art and wanted to share.

DeM Phospherus and Hesperus
Phospherus and Hesperus by Evelyn De Morgan, 1882

DeM Angel of Death

Angel of Death by Evelyn De Morgan, 1890
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