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Project Runway Finale

 My DH is NOT a happy man. For weeks we have been watching "Project Runway" every week. The show is a reality TV show of fashion designers. The final three were Andy from Hawaii, Gretchen from Portland, Oregon, and Mondo from my old home of Denver, Colorado. Both my DH and I really wanted Mondo to win - he has a fantastic sense of style and put together a very strong collection. Andy was a bit unicolor, although the textures of his fabrics were wonderful, and Gretchen was the one person that my DH has disliked since Week 2 and really didn't want to win. But she put together a really nice collection (if you ignore all of the high-cut shorts - WAY too many of those). I knew that she was putting a strong collection out there for the final because I looked at her collection on-line last week. I was really pulling for Mondo - I love the playfulness in his styling. But Gretchen won the show this season.
Gretchen Final Dress

This flowing dress with a leather overvest was
adorable. I would buy something like this.
Congratulations to Gretchen.

My DH ranted and raved and bitched and moaned. It will take him weeks to get over this (he tends to hold onto things like grudges, etc for a very long time). I'm over it already because I know that Mondo will still do wonderful things in fashion, whether or not he actually won the full competiton. I think DH is only upset because he disliked Gretchen so very much, but I think she deserves my congratulations. Why not? Although there were plenty of things she designed that I didn't like, she managed to pull it off. But it was a bitterly contested win with a split jury who argued for a long time before finally managing to choose her, so it was a VERY tight fight, and I also would have preferred Mondo.
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