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Deep Thoughts For a Cold Morning

 What happens when we die? That's a deep question for 4:00 am on a Tuesday morning, but it's what occurred to me to contemplate today. Why? No special reason, but it is a question that has been asked by mankind for as long as humans have existed in this dimension. Although woman can't isolate the soul, she has no doubt that it exists. Although man can't isolate a God, he had no doubt that one exists - even though the names and attributes of that diety vary with the timeframe and the cultural mileu of the individual. Death is alternatively called a Gift and a Curse. But it is the one thing that we, as souls on this world, cannot fight. We are all mortal. We will all die. All plants, all animals, all people - we will all die. So if we will all die and leave behind those who love us, why do we, as a group, focus so hard on causing the death of others?

Crusaders attacking a castle

The Crusaders attacked people because of a dispute over
religious philosophy. They didn't succeed for very long, because
philosophy is a slippery slope - it is always changing.

I understand fighting against evil, although the definitions of evil also differ by culture. Evil can disguise itself as "merely" a different philosophy or a different religious belief. These philosophies or religions, however, can condem freedom of expression and exploration, force people to do things against their will or push women into roles where they have no options open to themselves but suicide, either mental or physical. Although a philosophy is not a sword or a gun; not a physical threat, it can be a mental threat. It can open the doors of thought to an individual and allowing them to grow in a direction that you may not approve of. But you, or anyone, cannot isolate thought and keep it from emerging. Small tendrils of thought can grow into large ideas and inspire movements of people. So this small, non-edged weapon, can indeed be thought of as a threat. And yes, people can be killed and are killed daily for their thoughts.

Angel of Death

The Field of the Slain by Evelyn De Morgan

So the question comes to you. Look around you at your society, at your freedoms, at your family and friends, at your abilities, or inabilities, to create your art, to love your children, to meet with your friends. These are the things that make life worth living. Now, imagine them threatened. Would you be willing to walk into the unknown of death to protect those that you love from harrasment, from torture, from death? If you answer "yes", then you are human. And you need not fear the next step, because if all of us do this, then there must be more lessons for our souls to learn and this world is but one step on a longer journey. And I find that rather comforting. May Spirit walk with you today

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My goodness! Deep and heavy thoughts for this early in the morning!!

For me, knowing that my time is limited and the amount of time I have left unknown makes what I do in the Here and Now very important. After all, I could start off across a street and get mown down by a car or truck, or (living in CA) have an earthquake bring my house down around my ears two minutes from now.

So how am I living NOW?

Am I doing the best I can? Am I helping another through my actions? Am I trying to behave in a wise and compassionate manner? Am I responding out of love, or reacting out of fear?

This moment is the only one I have. The ones that came before are gone, and I'm promised no more than what I already have. So that tells me I need to pay attention and be mindful in thought, word, and deed; grateful for all those who have helped me along the way; and use my time in a manner that best benefits as many as possible.

May Spirit (or Whatever you call It) walk with you today too.
Thank you for your thoughts, Aearwen. I agree with your philosophy and am always happy when people walk gently and lovingly on our Earth. Through doing this, and being kindly towards those who are gentle towards us, we create ripples of kindness that can pass throughout everyone we touch and extend in ways we cannot foresee. I have spoken of ripples before, and will again, but it strikes me that you have cast your stone and I like the ripples that you are creating.

- Erulisse (one L)
I cannot take my eyes off that second picture. It's rather beautiful and decidedly creepy. Spirit walk with you!
Isn't it simply marvelous? I wanted a picture of death, and ended up with this wonderful Angel of Death, done by a female artist in the beginning of the 1900's. Simply wonderful, and one that I would love to see in person.

- Erulisse (one L)