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Ending With a Bang

 The month of January is ending with a bang. We're getting extreme weather throughout the US today, bringing extreme temps and snow from the West Coast through to the East Coast. Since I have an appointment at my Chiropractor this morning, I'll get to drive a bit slower and a bit more carefully, which will push me behind on time. But, I am sure to build in plenty of time before I have to be at the shop, so a delay is already calculated in.

Face Off on SyFy

I had a nice and relaxed Sunday. The snowflakes that fell were few and far between, so no shoveling. We picked up the paper from the house of my Father-by-marriage, and then dropped by Barnes & Noble on the way home. I downloaded a book recommended by a friend and DH found a really nice book on gardens and stone that he wanted for artistic inspiration. We had a quick meal at Taco Bell and then went home, read and watched some recorded TV shows from earlier in the week (I'm recommending Face Off - SyFy on Wednesday nights - to all my friends. It's a reality show/competition for makeup special effects artists. Well worth watching.) I ended up the day with my nose in my Nook, of course. Now, back to the grind.

Giza Pyramids

Looters even broke into the National Museum and destroyed two
mummies. So what luck for the incredible treasures of Egypt
if ignorant people topple the government? Things will be destroyed
and ignored again, priceless items will be lost. Egypt is a tragedy
in the making.

And the events in Egypt are frightening. The question begs asking, "What kind of government will they end up with"? There are a lot of similarities with the Russian Revolution as well as other revolutions that have occurred throughout the world. And Egypt is a moderate to extreme Muslim nation. So will this turn out to be another government in which women will be oppressed? Egypt, in Pharonic times, was a land that gave women more rights than any other nation on earth. Now it could fall back into the Middle Ages and condemn women to a life of shadow. It would be a pity.
Tags: snow, weather, women's rights

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