Tolkien, artist

The Soothing Sounds of Water

 I love the sound of water. I have a small fountain in my home that I have to allow the soothing sound of water. And I remember falling asleep near the river when I was young, it's rushing sounds soothing to me and allowing wonderful dreams and fond memories. But there are times when water is the last thing that I want to hear. Water, i.e. drips, in the winter, in my house, mean that my roof is leaking. Again. My DH usually has to deal with the roof a couple of times during an average winter. This year he has already been up on the roof dealing with our ice dams five times, and I heard a drip this morning at 3:30 am which will result in his playing with the roof again today instead of being at the shop. Yesterday he spent most of the day working on his Dad's roof. This has been a miserable year for ice dams and roof leaks, and it's still January. We're doomed.....

Hell Frozen Over

I find it interesting that few views of hell are a frozen hell. I know that in some parts of Northern Europe, hell is postulated to be frozen, not firery. But a frozen hell is rare. In fiction, only Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Darkover" series had a frozen hell, and in Dante's Inferno, Satan is at the bottom of hell, frozen up to his chest level. So a frozen hell does exist, it is just not thought of very often. As winter progresses across the nation this season, I'm beginning to consider the old adage of hell being here on earth. This is a long winter, this is an unforgiving winter, and this is a winter that I'm really tired of. Really, really, really tired of. Here's hoping that you have an outstanding weekend. I will celebrate my Sunday off by having Italian for dinner, as usual for my Saturday night treat.
As a child of cities, I rarely get an opportunity to have a true dark and experience both dark and starlight. Light pollution is so prevalent in the US, even on the Reservation we had yard lights. I envy you your sycamore trees.

- Erulisse (one L)