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I Love to Read

 I love to read. I have loved it since I was a small child. My idea of a perfect day is spending it with my nose in a book. But the definition of a book has broadened as I have grown up. When I was young, I read how-is-it-done explanations, historic stories and novels, lots of science fiction, and of course JRR Tolkien. The library was my best friend and they got very used to my winning any reading contest and checking out books 20 at a time. I also participated in Junior Great Books while a library-gal as well as other reading programs. When I grew older, I moved to a location that didn't have a close library, but my room had bookshelves across two of my walls and I started purchasing books. My physical book collection grew and I discovered "Gone With The Wind", Rudyard Kipling, and poetry (along with 100's more). My book collection kept expanding, and my available bookshelf space kept decreasing.

This is almost more organized than my bookshelves
currently are. Mine tend to be multi-level with stacks
of books on the floor hoping for space to open up.

In college, my reading had to be more focused. It didn't mean that I didn't read things that were not academically related, but the bulk of my reading dealt with the subjects that I was studying. But reading was still my lifeline - allowing me to retain my sanity (or live my personal walk of literary insanity) through years of immersion in academia. I always had a book with me - in my purse, pocket, or hand.


I love reading, and the picture above would not be out
of character. But I suspect I would be reading my Nook
Color instead, because I really love my e-reader.

But I find that even though I spend much of my free time reading these days, the method and the authors have changed. I read for hours on my computer or my Nook Color e-reader. However, I am usually not reading published novels. What I prefer to read are cyber-tales; fan-fiction stories and novels by some of the most talented writers I've found in many years. Their writings are working their way into my psyche and into my dreams and I'm loving it. Each new story I discover by an author whose work I have learned to love is a new treasure. And I have 100's of those treasures waiting for me to open them and enjoy them. So, today I am sending a big "Thank You" to authors everywhere - published in paper or cyberspace. You've enriched my life and I couldn't be happier about it.
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