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Yes! Saturday Has Arrived!

 It was bound to happen in the normal course of events. Saturday was bound to come again and here it is. Why do I look forward to Saturdays so much? Most people get a weekend off from work - they get both Saturday and Sunday off to spend with their families, to take care of errands, to see a movie, to go shopping, to meet with friends. I don't get a weekend, I get a day. I work on Saturdays, although we do close an hour earlier than during the week. But then I can kick back, enjoy whatever I want, go to sleep, and know that I don't have to set the alarm for a wake-up time on Sunday (until Renaissance Faire time).

Golden Winter Stream

Sometimes you just have to indulge in looking at something
beautiful. This is simply beautiful.

It is the little things in life that you look back on with happiness and satisfaction. Of course I have the large vacations, the life-changing events such as weddings and funerals, and the accomplishments such as my college degrees to look back on in that vein. But life is filled with small achievements: The smile of a child, a walk in the snowfall at night under streetlights, a kiss in the rain, listening to a life-changing piece of music, getting an Ah-Ha moment in your latest project, and running into an old friend with time to catch up over a cup of tea. These are small things, but they count every bit as much as the large things in your life's balance. I put the ability to sleep in on Sunday mornings in that list - one of the small happy things that I do for myself. I hope that you have something that you can do this weekend that will add to your overall happiness and cause the scale on the happiness side to weigh even more heavily against the unhappiness on the other side. Concentrate on the good, do a random act of kindness, spread happiness in a small way through others and you will improve this day for us all. There is true evil in this world, spread kindness to help counteract it.
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That is a really beautiful picture. The light at the end of the tunnel? Thank you for sharing it!
I have sunshine glittering on fresh snow on my land, and I can see Katahdin from my front window while I sip my coffee.

And I love the pic - and this is a wonderfully life-affirming post.
It is said that the Final Battle won't commence until the last being of light has passed from the East. If we keep hope and kindness in our hearts, it pushes that Battle off further, a good thing for everyone, don't you think? Have an excellent weekend.

- Erulisse (one L)