engarian (engarian) wrote,

Into the Deep Freeze

 It was such a relief to have a computer again. I started work on my next metal project, researching the hieroglyphics that I want and what I want them to say. It is disappointing to me how much I have forgotten on reading my hieroglyphs, but parts of it did start to come back. As usual, I'll have to skip-hop through my multitudes of alphabets to find all of the characters that I need. This took me longer than I had anticipated, so I didn't get as much done during my day off as I wanted. But, if I can get this together within the next week, I can get the metal cut and ready for the image transfer next week.


I've been wanting to make a sistrum for several years. Having
the Tut exhibit starting next month was a good kick to get this
made. I'll etch the metal with hieroglyphics, but I doubt that I'll
enamel this, I don't think it will lend itself to enamel, although I'll
consider it.

I got the bill from my Guru, and he was a real sweetheart, only charging me for 1-1/4 hours of work, even though we were on the phone with each other for almost two hours. I'll get a check sent out to him by the end of the week, I have to make sure that I deposit enough money for this unexpected repair today.


And we're into the deep freeze for the next two days. Today it is sub-zero (-5F, -20C)and will creep up into the low teens for temp, but tomorrow we'll have overnight temps down to -15F (-26C). Since my roof is "a disaster just waiting" according to my husband, I am not looking forward to the melt that will eventually come when the temps creep back up again.
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