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Success At Last!

 Yesterday was just one of those days, but it ended up well. I awakened to find a large bucket placed underneath my lamp in my entryway and a regular dripping sound from the water going into it. My ice dams on the roof had built up to the point where I was having some roof leaking. My DH ended up spending most of his day on the roof, shoveling snow and defrosting things with kettles of boiling water. Miserable and hard work for a guy approaching 60 years.

Ice Dam

This isn't my roof, but it's quite similar. We were leaking
at the corner where the two angles meet. It's a bad place
for ice build-up.

My Computer Guru phoned me at 5:30 am to begin figuring out what was going on with my computer. I worked with him for two hours, we downloaded various programs and tried various things. I finally left him with a program operating in the background that would either work or would result in my having to bring the CPU in to him for more detailed work. I left the program running while I left for the shop.

Arriving at the shop, the new ice shelf that my landlord installed kept the ice from being directly on the door, but the lock was frozen and the drops had built an ice shelf at the bottom of the door. I took my hammer (standard carry-along stuff while I am having these major ice issues) and hammered the bottom iceberg away. But I was unable to get the key to work in the lock and finally had to admit defeat. That meant calling the alarm company, talking with people convincing them that I was who I said I was, and entering the store through the front door which sets the alarm off immediately. It's loud, and very nervewracking. But I managed to do that and get it turned off quickly.

The day went well, until I decided that I wanted some soup from the little cafe next door. I was cold, and they had Tomato Florentine soup for the day - really good. So I bought a bowl to go. I settled down at my laptop, pulled the soup from the bag, and promptly dropped it. I missed all of the electronics, but made quite a mess on the carpeting and my skirt (fortunately black). So much for soup.

Acer Monitor

I'm not fond of Acer as a brand, but the monitor
(now that it's working) is quite nice. I'll have to
try it out on LOTRO and see how it is to ride into
Angmar in a higher-resolution screen.

Things started looking up when I got home, though. It was Tuesday, so I picked up Chinese on the way home. The computer fix-it program that I had left running had completed and things looked optimistic. After dinner I went down and restarted the computer. Success! It finally was working properly. I restarted it several times just to be sure, and everything was OK again. I phoned my Guru and left him an effusive thank you message on his voice mail. So, I can now catch up on many things and I finally have a computer that will play along with me again. Yippee! I was going to see a movie tonight, but I'm so far behind because of my monitor issues, I had to beg off (again). I'll try for next week <sigh>. It'll happen one of these days :-)
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