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Baby Steps

 So, I spoke with my Guru yesterday and managed to get one more step towards a functional computer last night. I managed, with his instructions in hand, to get the error code isolated. Then I went on to the Microsoft data base to find out what the error code was telling me to do. The fix will force me to do some cleanup and rebuilding of XP, but I think I can do it without too much difficulty. I will double-check the directions during the day today and talk with my Guru about it, and if we are both comfortable with it, I'll try that tonight if I'm not too tired. I would possibly have done it last night, but I was too exhausted, and tired brains make mistakes. I can't afford to make mistakes here.

But I'm generally in a better mood today. I heard from so many friends yesterday (thanks to all of you) and who can stay depressed when they have great friends like that? In any case, I'm neck deep into reading my Nook, and in contemplating my four latest projects - figuring out the timeframes for them. My art can always drag me back from the gutter into what I love - color, light, and pattern. I'm always happy when I'm creating something, even if it is a frustrating project. The act of creating something makes my hands and my brain joyful. I am SO Noldo!
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I am SO Noldo!

Well there you are. And they definitely have times when they are down in the depths, but come back fightin' :)

Big hugs!
Oh, it's been such the day already. My computer Guru called me at 5:30 am, we worked on my computer until 7:30 when I had to leave for work and the fix-it program that we're hoping will do the job is still running.

I got to the shop, and my backdoor lock is broken because of the ice buildup yesterday, so after a 10-minute conversation with the alarm company, I finally enter through the front door, setting off the burglar alarm.

I also have a lovely leak in my roof at home from an ice dam, so my DH gets to climb on the roof today and get that cleared up.

Can we say "I would like this day to be over with already"? Hopefully things will all have cleared up by the end of the day and my life can settle back down into it's usual banality - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)
I'm so glad I'm married to my computer guru. I have issues and just hand the laptop to Mr. Steel and say 'fix it, please!'

And he does.
It's a true relief that my Guru keeps hours similar to my own, and that we get along as well as we do - both aging hippies. I'm very grateful. I can fix many problems on my own, but when it comes to internal dialog with operating system programs, I would rather leave that to people who actually do that for a living. I have my own area of expertise and computers are not in my top tier.

- Erulisse (one L)