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Hitting the Ground Running

 Today is my day off. It is a day that I usually devote to my art, but today and next Wednesday are going to be devoted to Chickie's party preparations. Since I'm doing a funeral for her birthday (the death of her youth - she's turning 40), I need to sew her shroud today, also get her remembrance cards formatted and printed and get her storyboard assembled. Her Mom gave me some wonderful pictures of her growing up and I'll download some photos that I have taken of her through the years I've known her and I'll have a nice collection of pictures for her friends to look at. I also need to finalize my seating chart (actually two seating charts). The placeholders that I have will allow me to have two different inserts, so that if my DH decides he will attend, I can work with seating chart #2, and if not, I can work with seating chart #1. I also need to tell the restaurant that we are 13/14 instead of 12/13 for our numbers. It's too bad that I don't have two more people attending; we'd be a full surround then and would not possibly have to share our table with another couple.

Running in Place
I'll be running in place today, but I'll get a lot done.

I am looking forward to the party, but I still have a lot of work to do to make it click. She hasn't had a real birthday party since she was a child, and has had to organize her own get-togethers for her birthday for years. This party is one part of my gift to her since I know she really wanted to have a party done for her. Her friends have come together in fine style and we'll have a great time. The restaurant manager keeps sending me very strange looks when I tell him that it's a funeral and we need to have a great party, though - LOL. Too much to do....too much to do....
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The restaurant manager keeps sending me very strange looks when I tell him that it's a funeral and we need to have a great party,

This sounds really different! I hope it is a truly wonderful party!
Things are clicking into place. I am a very detail-oriented person (except for getting my house cleaned properly ). Everything will fall into place and we'll all have a great time. Too bad you're not in my area, I'd invite you to come along.

- Erulisse (one L)
I am not kind, I am always self-serving as I dance the Great Dance. But parties are always enlivened by the people who attend them, and I think I would enjoy some time to spend talking with you. Perhaps someday we will have that opportunity.

- Erulisse (one L)
Well, I am pretty quiet, but I do enjoy listening to people; I am not sure if that is any good for a party, but I hope we meet.

Death of her youth! Apart from the latter part, my 30's were awful. I didn't really realize I passed 40, to be honest. And my mother is currently in Cyprus driving round with her b/f so tell your friend there is plenty of time for her to have plenty of fun! :)
Remember, I'm the one who wants to be the white-haired elder riding the camel into Petra. I KNOW there is life after 40, in fact, I know there is life after 50. It's all good.

My mother said that her best years were her 40's. I think mine also were, looking back at my life from this vantage point. She said that it was because things were pretty settled by then, the emotions were more controlled, they weren't scabbling for every penny any more (they weren't rich, but weren't dirt poor any more), and they had me to keep their lives interesting - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)
and they had me to keep their lives interesting - LOL.

Lol, and I bet you were, and obviously still are, interesting :)
the death of her youth - she's turning 40

Outrageous lie! You are not my friend any more... ** snif, snif **

Seriously, I hope you both enjoy it. :o) 56 I left my "youth" behind me a long time ago. Of course, I am aging backwards, so I figure I am a good 35 right now :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh, you too? I am very happy with my age, but I won't say it. I feel as youthful as a little elf, even if I don't look like one!