engarian (engarian) wrote,

Can you say "Frustrated"?

 Frustrated.  That doesn't even begin to describe my feelings right now.  I have been living in computer hell and it doesn't seem to be improving - AT ALL.  

So, when we last left the little vale of Cold as Brass Balls, we were having computer problems, more specifically, monitor problems.  And the monitor from computer S had been placed on the computer for DH, successfully.  That left computer S without a working monitor.  

To double-check the old and defective monitor, I placed that onto computer S to double-check whether or not it truly was a dead dog.  Indeed, it qualified, most well, for that titular epesse.  Following that small test, it was placed in a lowered position in a far corner and turned to the wall in shame.  

That left computer S feeling somewhat incomplete.  A buying trip to the local marketplace was in order and, after a dull day at work and some reading on a more portable electronic friend.  After collecting my companion, we headed off to the Big Blue Box store, tape measure in hand (space was quite limited).  

Measure, dismiss.  Measure, dismiss.  Doesn't anything here extend less than 20 inches across???  Finally, an appropriate display device was located, it was within the monetary parameters necessary, and we headed out to dinner and then to place things into the appropriate locations.  

Initially, my thoughts had been to take back my old viewing device, leaving the new device for computer D.  But, placing my previous monitor onto Computer S resulted in a "no signal" display (a blatent lie since it was displaying text concerning start-up in safe mode, etc perfectly well).  However, that roadblock could not be surmounted.  The older viewing device was removed from Computer S and returned to Computer D, and the new viewing device was then placed onto Computer S.  

But, horrors, the same coding occurred.  The viewing device turned on, showed the manufacturer logo and went into a start-up mode.  Then it stated "no signal", followed by acceptance of B/W safe start-up options text, which weren't accepted in any chosen mode.  Hours of research followed, along with gnashing of teeth and incipient head-aches occurring.  However, nothing of substance was discovered.  

So, currently Computer S is unusable because of a lack of valid viewing device.  Computer D is happy with the old viewing device (and is what I am using for this post - thus, no graphic accompaniment) and I am left with the only option - contacting my Guru via speaking device.  However, it is the weekend.  I possibly will be without a functional viewing device on Computer S for several more days.  

Can you say....NOT HAPPY!!!! ?

- Erulisse (one L)
Tags: computer, temper

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