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Computer Issues Continue

 So issues continue with DH's computer. It simply isn't recognizing his monitor. It finally came up properly yesterday after more than 30 minutes, but monitors should be fairly instantaneous. So maybe it wasn't the APC? Now that becomes a possibility.

Computer in Flames

I have the same monitor that my DH does, because I purchased his computer less than 6 weeks after I purchased my own and had it configured to be almost identical. So after I have finished with my basic work this morning, I'll pull my own monitor and pull it over to his computer and see if that will make a difference. Then the question is whether it is the monitor, the plug, or the BIOS. I doubt that it is in the computer. When I had the computer at Dale's, it had no problem at all. But I was able to get it powered up immediately here when I returned it home, so I'm not really sure what is going on at all. It is MORE than frustrating and I'm almost at my wit's end. I really can't afford to purchase a bunch of new things, here.

Computer Monitors

So, I'll complete my post today, catch up with my LJ and FB accounts, check my other Emails to see if anything urgent came through that I can't handle on my laptop instead, and pull my monitor from my computer. Then I'll see if my monitor, which seems to be working just fine, works on his computer. I'm running out of options......
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