engarian (engarian) wrote,

Things I'm Thankful For

lindahoyland assigned me the letter "L"...so here I go

I'm thankful for:

LOVE - Love makes the world go around, dries tears, inspires bravery, and generally makes everything so very worthwhile.

LIBRARIES - Where would I have been as a child without my local libraries? Although my parents weren't averse to purchasing books, I am a voracious reader and libraries fit into the family budget.

LIGHTING - Yes, the lowly light bulb causes me great happiness. Since my days extend pre and post sunshine, without lighting I would be stumbling around in the darkness.

LIBERTY - I live in a society and a nation that allows me the liberty to pursue my own individual dreams and desires as long as I don't harm others through my quest. Thus I can write, I can create art, and I can reach out over the cyber-miles to touch electronic hands with friends throughout the world. What a wonderful gift.

LUDWIG VAN - Or, to be more precise - Ludwig Van Beethoven whose incredible genius has enthralled me and millions of others and caused our hearts to soar with his powerful melodies. All hail to the MASTER.

LE TOUR DE FRANCE - I realize that scandal after scandal have hit cycling in the past ten years, but it hasn't changed my love for the sport, just my disappointment in some riders or teams. I adore the sport of bicycle racing and Le Tour de France is the mother of them all - the tour that keeps me totally glued to my television watching every day, usually several times each day, just to see each rider pass the finish line. My ideal trip with Chickie - a camper filled with the appropriate alcoholic beverages and a prime spot on Le Alpes d'Huez. Just give me that cowbell and watch me roar...

So there you have it- six things that make me happy. I'd be pleased to spread the joy. If you would like to play, ask for a letter in a comment.
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