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Two Nights of Happy Dinners

 Weird post, I know, but it's sometimes the little things that make my life worthwhile and the dinner I had last night combined with the dinner I will have tonight makes me happy. I know - silly of me. But moving into the day with a positive attitude is a serious plus.

Last night I had barbecued ribs with mashed potatoes. YUM! The house smells of barbecue sauce and that's a warm hug for my nose. The ribs were fall off the bone tender and totally fabulous. I was looking forward to dinner all afternoon, almost waltzed my way home knowing that I had a fabulous meal waiting for me. If I had treated myself to a glass of wine it would have been the perfect cap off, but it didn't occur to me so I didn't.

Tonight is Saturday night - OK, that's fairly clear so what's up with that for me? Well, in my life Saturday night is Chipotle night. Chipotle burrito bowls for my DH and I, to be exact. I get mine with brown rice and chicken, DH gets the white rice and barbacoa. I take them home and we add lots of hot sauce and our own tortillas. Yummy!

I had a scare yesterday. I go to the coffee shop every morning and try to get an hour or so's worth of writing in before continuing on to the shop for another 30-60 minutes of writing time. Yesterday I pulled out my laptop at the coffee shop and turned it on. It didn't turn on correctly. I tried it again, it failed again. A third time - same result. I closed it, put it back in its bag and read for a while instead, hoping that it was just a power issue that would be resolved when I got to the shop and my electrical connections. But, fortunately, when I got to the shop and plugged in there, it powered up fine. A total relief because I can't afford a new laptop right now. WHEW! Dodged a bullet there... 
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