engarian (engarian) wrote,

Wonderland of Ice Photos

We've been experiencing an unusual January warm stretch, but that came to an end last night and we're back in the deep freeze starting today. The thing that will make for an interesting day is that it was raining for the past day - yes, raining in the middle of winter in Minnesota. That means that everything will have frozen overnight, and although I doubt I'll have anything this pretty to look at, walking might be very challenging for a while until salt gets laid down. I thought I'd share four very lovely photographs of winter ice for today.

These berries frozen in a casing of ice are just a stunning
reminder of the beauty that can be found in these low temperatures.

This is an arctic cave shot that was done to prove the
changing temperatures of that area from one year to
another. The lighting on this picture just makes it sing.

Sudden drops in temperature can coat the branches
and small fronds and berries with a coating of frozen
water that looks like melting candle wax.

This is a wonderful wallpaper of an exceptional frozen grove
of trees with great background lighting. I love this shot.

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