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Weekend Plans - A Day with Warriors

Even though I have to work today, it is the weekend and I have an open Sunday again. I have plans, though, happy plans. One of my favorite things is going to museums. In fact, my ideal vacation would be spending some serious time in Florence, Barcelona and Paris doing nothing but going to museums. I know - weird. But they make me happy. If I could have my sketchbook and camera, my happy time would transcend to my joyous time. But on Sunday, this Sunday, I'll be in a happy time at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I have tickets for DH and I to see....

Terracotta Horse

China'a Terracotta Warriors - The First Emperor's Legacy. So kewl!!!!!

It's only at the museum until the 20th (actually, due to heavy ticket demand, the museum just extended the show by one week and added/extended the viewing times) and I was adamant that I wanted to see it, so even though DH wanted to work on the bathroom ceiling in the small house to get the plastering done, he acceded and we will be at the Institute instead.

Terracotta Armored Kneeling Archer

I'm so excited. There are eight of the terracotta warriors and TWO HORSES in the exhibit (along with more than 100 other objects). I hope the exhibition catalog is good, I do buy exhibition catalogs if they are worth the money.

Terracotta Light Infantryman

So I will work today (and remove all of the store's last garlands since it is Epiphany and I don't need bad luck for 2013), have Chipotle for dinner (burrito bowls...YUM!) and be at the museum tomorrow, happy to see items of creativity made long before I was a mote in the eye of the Goddess. Happy weekend to all of you...
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Oh, I will. I can hardly wait for tomorrow! I hope your weekend is absolutely fabulous too!

- Erulisse (one L)
I was so amazed that they were able to get the exhibition. There is no way I would have missed it. If DH had refused to go, I would have scheduled time on one of my Wednesdays to attend. I was NOT going to miss it, nor would I have forgiven him if I missed it. I think he understood that because I just stayed silent after pointing out that we only had two Sundays to attend...LOL. I allowed him to draw his own conclusions and he came to the correct one :D

I'll tell you all about it early in the week if it was any good.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh my, how wonderful that some of these statues are available for us to see in person. Please report back on the experience!
I'm totally stoked to be able to see this. If I were still a kid, I'd be bouncing in my chair - LOL. I will absolutely tell my LJ list and blog followers about the experience next week!

- Erulisse (one L)
Man, I would LOVE to see this! Don't suppose there's a chance in hell the exhibit will come our way, despite our close ties with China. I've been fascinated by the warriors for years, love the fact that each face is totally individual and seems to have been modelled on an actual warrior - like being able to step back in time. Just --- enjoy!
It's hard to say where exhibits go, they take years of negotiation and planning to get contracts signed and schedules nailed. Maybe it will come your way. I'll tell about it next week in one of my blog posts.

You're correct, each of the warriors is modeled after an actual person, so each one is individually different. The colorful paints have mostly worn away, but not all of them, and the people doing the excavation have also been doing reconstructive work, replacing the colors on selected warriors to show what the army would have looked like. I'm quite looking forward to the exhibit :-)

- Erulisse (one L)
What a great opportunity for you! Looking at something so far from the past is almost magical. Just imagine, whoever made that statue had a home and maybe a wife and a whole story that we can only dimly see.

I love the Minneapolis Museum of Art. They had (and this was about thirty years ago) a statue called "woman with a veil" that mesmerized me every time I saw it. I've got a replica sitting on the top of the piano, even as we speak.

Hope you have a wonderful time.
The Institute of Art is quite amazing and only charges for special exhibits, not for general admission. Students and patrons can go through the exhibit halls sketching and photographing (no flash allowed) as they want (photos are restricted in special exhibits like the Terracotta Warriors). It's a friendly and nurturing environment and I love going there.

It'll be awesome. You and I have had discussions before about archaeology and the sense of a person that you can get from holding something made by hands from ancient times. The ghosts of the past can live in the present through their material items. It is without doubt one of the things I most loved about archaeology. Now if I could have done all of that without playing into the politics of the various excavations and team leaders... Oh well, water under the bridge.

- Erulisse (one L)
Ooooooh! So cool!

I did not get to the exhibit when they went to San Francisco; the tickets were outrageous and only one shot; on a weekday. *sigh*

I can't say I'd call them "art work" since they were certainly not designed for that, but the artistry and capture of actual living persons and animals in paint and terracotta is incredible! Certainly worthy of "art" status.

The tickets weren't dirt cheap, $20 for each, but they weren't so bad that I wouldn't pay it. I've been known to travel to other cities to attend specific exhibits. Museums are near and dear to my heart.

I'll absolutely enjoy!

Thanks, Miz Mik...

- Erulisse (one L)
Love the terra-cotta warriors! My son saw an exhibit in Toronto a few years ago and bought me my own small warrior. Will have to take a pick for you.
It was a wonderful exhibit and we had a great day. I'll be showing museum pictures in posts later this week, but have a couple of pics on my post today. Such a fun time!

- Erulisse (one L)