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Weekend Plans - A Day with Warriors

Even though I have to work today, it is the weekend and I have an open Sunday again. I have plans, though, happy plans. One of my favorite things is going to museums. In fact, my ideal vacation would be spending some serious time in Florence, Barcelona and Paris doing nothing but going to museums. I know - weird. But they make me happy. If I could have my sketchbook and camera, my happy time would transcend to my joyous time. But on Sunday, this Sunday, I'll be in a happy time at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. I have tickets for DH and I to see....

Terracotta Horse

China'a Terracotta Warriors - The First Emperor's Legacy. So kewl!!!!!

It's only at the museum until the 20th (actually, due to heavy ticket demand, the museum just extended the show by one week and added/extended the viewing times) and I was adamant that I wanted to see it, so even though DH wanted to work on the bathroom ceiling in the small house to get the plastering done, he acceded and we will be at the Institute instead.

Terracotta Armored Kneeling Archer

I'm so excited. There are eight of the terracotta warriors and TWO HORSES in the exhibit (along with more than 100 other objects). I hope the exhibition catalog is good, I do buy exhibition catalogs if they are worth the money.

Terracotta Light Infantryman

So I will work today (and remove all of the store's last garlands since it is Epiphany and I don't need bad luck for 2013), have Chipotle for dinner (burrito bowls...YUM!) and be at the museum tomorrow, happy to see items of creativity made long before I was a mote in the eye of the Goddess. Happy weekend to all of you...
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