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Day Off? Definitions....

 The definition of my "day off" or "studio day" differs depending on what is on my list to have to accomplish before I can spend time with what I want to accomplish. The difference is between "have to" and "want to" and today, the have-to's are winning. I get to start my day in western Minneapolis dropping a belt buckle off with my silversmith for an alteration. I probably could do this on my own silver bench, but I haven't had the time to pick up my torch in too long and I don't feel comfortable taking a chance with a customer's property. If it was my own property I could go ahead and take the chance, but not someone else's. So, first stop, my silversmith. Then, my DH's computer won't start. So I phoned Dale, my computer guru, and I will have to drop my DH's CPU off to him after 10am. He is in the far north part of the suburbs. If I'm lucky he can do a fix while I wait. I'll find out. Otherwise, I'll have to pop back up there later in the day to pick it up. I also have to drop by my box people to check for boxes, and drop a pair of pants back at the tailor's so that she can shorten them. She made them for my DH for Christmas and they are slightly too long.

PT Cruiser

"Da Grape" and I will be driving all over town today, doing
errands on my "day off" or my "studio day". One of these
days I'll have a "real" day off - LOL.

Then, more or less, the day becomes my own. That means that I can work on my own computer while doing 2-3 loads of laundry. I have a drawing that I've been wanting to work on for the past three weeks that I may be able to get to the next stage, and of course there is the seductive siren song of reading on my Nook. It's a powerful song. And, I did get all three of my classes at Bead & Button yesterday. That makes me very broke, but also pleased and leaves me with the next task - that of collecting the appropriate supplies for the classes. I also have two metalworking projects and one major beading project in the works - an Egyptian collar that I would like to wear when I see the Tut exhibit here within the next 2-3 months, and I want to make a sistrum - something that has been on my mental list to make for several years. So...my day off. Up at 3:15 am, asleep at 10:15 pm and all of the above in my day. As long as I can get some of my own activities done between the errands and obligations, I'll be happy.
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